Client Support Officer

Ayesha Contarino

Meet Ayesha Contarino, a dedicated professional serving as a Client Support Officer and Administration at Power Tynan. With a background rich in experience and a passion for learning, Ayesha is a valuable member of our team.

Ayesha's journey into her current role is paved with qualifications that include a Certificate III in Business and a Certificate IV in Hospitality, showcasing her dedication to honing her skills and expanding her knowledge.

Having spent seven years at Subway, including three years in a management position, Ayesha brings a wealth of experience in customer service and management to her role at PT.

As a Client Support Officer, Ayesha plays a crucial role in assisting clients. Her responsibilities include managing phones, booking appointments, and warmly greeting clients. She also extends her support to the leasing and finance teams, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to contributing to the success of our clients.

What inspired Ayesha to pursue her current profession? It was the desire to continually grow and acquire new skills. Ayesha recognised that in her previous role, there wasn't much more room for personal and professional development. Hence, she made the leap to join PT, where opportunities for learning and growth abound.

Ayesha's journey into her current field was marked by leveraging her experience in managing small administrative tasks and her exceptional customer service skills. Her previous completion of a business certificate laid a solid foundation for the roles she has undertaken both in the past and in her current capacity.

When asked about her favourite aspect of her job, Ayesha highlights the camaraderie and interactions with her colleagues at PT. She relishes the opportunity to learn from her team members, picking up various tips and tricks that contribute to her professional growth.

Outside of work, Ayesha enjoys indulging in her passion for reading physical books. There's nothing quite like the feel and smell of a book in your hands, she says. She's also an avid dancer, slowly but surely getting back into the rhythm of this enjoyable activity.

As for her bucket list, Ayesha has a book lover's dream: to amass a personal library filled with all the books she personally enjoys. It's a testament to her love for reading and the world of literature.

What Ayesha values most about the PT Team is the culture and atmosphere it has fostered. She notes the strong sense of community within the team and appreciates the efforts made by PTCT to extend that sense of community beyond the office doors, creating a positive and inclusive environment.

If you're seeking a dedicated Client Support Officer and Administration expert who combines experience with a passion for growth and a commitment to client satisfaction, Ayesha Contarino is here to assist you every step of the way.


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