24 May 2023

My Say with Amanda Kenafake - May 2023

As a business owner, your business journey is starts with your vision, and you need determination, and hard work to achieve that vision. Building a successful business requires constant adaptability and forward-thinking, particularly when it comes to the future of your business and its growth and succession. Planning for the future and ensuring a smooth transition of leadership is crucial for sustainable success long term in your business. This is where Power Tynan advisors come into play, we can offer our expertise, guidance, and support to help you navigate the path to growth succession and achieve your long-term goals, via various ways including our one on one business coaching our Summit Communities, Leadership Lunches, Quarterly Economic updates, specialists including areas such as Tax, Business Valuations, Management Accounting and bookkeeping services, SMSF Administration and Advice, Commercial , Asset and Personal Lending, Financial Planning, Utilisation of Data in your business and Business Advice. This newsletter is dedicated to sharing with you all of the areas in our business that we have spent in achieving our Business Vision and goals which is to help you achieve your vision and goals both business and personal.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, it's imperative to adopt a future-oriented mindset. In the past we lived in what people called a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) we are now living in a BANI world (Brittle, Anxious, Non Linear and Incomprehensible) . What does this mean? The capabilities that got you to where you are today will not sustain you into the future… we need to continuously adapt! We are facing challenges with Technology Overload, Learning Fatigue, Hybrid workforce, Staff turnover and change fatigue. Do you of often find yourself sitting there going what the???? Its not you , it’s the world we are now living in.

To maximise the benefits of working with us to help you navigate this world, it's important to establish a collaborative partnership:

a) Open Communication: Foster open and transparent communication with us. Share your aspirations, concerns, and challenges, which enables us to provide tailored guidance and support.

b) Long-Term Relationship: Cultivate a long-term relationship with us to foster trust and continuity. Regular meetings and strategic reviews allow for adjustments as your business evolves and new opportunities arise.

c) Utilise our Expertise: Leverage the specialised knowledge and experience that we have. Seek their advice on critical decisions, bounce ideas off us, and tap into our industry insights and relationships with other advisors.

d) Adaptability: Embrace flexibility and be open to new perspectives. Embracing change and adapting your strategies based on our advisors' recommendations will strengthen your chances of long-term success.


Thinking about the future and planning for growth succession is vital for business owners looking to secure the longevity and success of their business and reaching both personal and business goals. Engaging the expertise of business advisors empowers you with the tools and insights needed to navigate and leverage what your already doing. At Power Tynan we practice what we preach and I would like to highlight and congratulate Peter Rowe on becoming a Equity Shareholder and look forward to working alongside him for years to come.

Contact us today, we can help in so many ways, don’t go it alone, join our Power Tynan community!




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