Let us take the $$ out of your Business/Commerce Degree, so that you can kick start your professional career with the best in the business.

The Power Tynan Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for successful year 12 school-leavers to study (part-time) at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) while working full-time for Power Tynan. We pay the successful individual’s HELP fees for all successfully completed subjects and the scholarship recipient is in the enviable position where they can apply their knowledge practically and receive valuable on-the-job mentoring and training whilst being paid.

Our company, Power Tynan, is one of Toowoomba’s largest and most diverse financial services provider. The services provided by Power Tynan include:

  •  Taxation & Business Advisory
  •  Investment Advice
  •  Leasing & Finance
  •  Superannuation Advice
  •  Property Investment

A suitable applicant would be someone who:

  • Intends to commence studying commerce or a similar course at University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in 2017;
  • Has the capacity to undertake the substantial responsibility and effort that comes with combined full-time work and part-time study;
  • Wants to join a dynamic organisation that offers mentoring and training and a commitment to advance the right people.

For further information about the Power Tynan Scholarship Program, please refer to the USQ website by clicking here