At Power Tynan, we see business growth as the number one opportunity for our clients, as well as one of the biggest challenges they face, coming into 2021.  2020 was an interesting year and we survived so let’s make it count and look towards the future.

That is why we have developed a unique business learning suite to support, grow and assist businesses to harness their full growth potential.   Every business is different but we all experience similar issues so this is a great opportunity to get together with your peers, in different industries and work on some insights for your own business. 

We have engaged Mike Boyle who is an expert in Mindshop in Strategy Facilitation as well as a Sales Scientist so has years of experience in marketing and sales.  Mike has been running these types of groups across Australia and New Zealand for over 13 years, so this is a great opportunity for us all to work with someone with this type of experience and expand our holistic knowledge.

Power Tynan Director’s Circle

The Power Tynan Director’s Circle is a community for business owners and directors with ambitions to take it to the next level. It’s a space for sharing, learning and growing together with your peers.

Membership to this unique business development club is restricted to ten carefully selected businesses run by ‘like-minded’ strategic business leaders.

How is it delivered?

❖ Quarterly peer forums (group workshops)

❖ Cloud based business resource centre (including insights, tools, diagnostics and bite-sized learning)

❖ 24/7 community support and feedback

❖ Exclusive access to member-only events

❖ Annual strategy challenge

❖ Quarterly one-to-one accredited leadership coaching


Power Tynan Growth Club

A ‘tribe’ of like-minded SME’s wanting to grow.

The Power Tynan Growth Club can assist you in addressing business issues, unlocking your true leadership potential to deliver long-term sustainable change and development - personally and professionally.

Membership to this unique business development club is restricted to 25 carefully selected businesses run by ‘like-minded’ entrepreneurs.

Why join?

❖ Are you after high quality engagement?

Join like-minded sales and business leaders in sessions facilitated by fully accredited advisors and benefit from all the resources and insights they provide.

❖ Do you require unbiased, confidential support?

Experience a supportive environment where you can address burning issues with full confidence to ensure ongoing professional and personal development.


If you’re interested in any of the above, please let us know so we can organise a one-on-one to discuss your needs.