We are excited to announce the launch of our own technology and data business, PT 2.0.

The PT 2.0 team has decades of experience in information systems technology and business process improvement. The team is keen to help businesses realise the value of their data; employing the same tools and techniques used in big business. We help you develop business information strategies and systems to generate insights and drive business performance.

PT 2.0 designs and implements solutions surrounding:

Data & Predictive Analysis

Many businesses have a wealth of data at their disposal; that they either are unaware they have, or they are unsure what to do with it. We have helped businesses running common industry systems to realise the insights that can be achieved through a proper analysis platform.

Data Integrity

We work with businesses wanting to automate tasks and improve process efficiency, but lack the quality data to implement such solutions.

We help you to improve the quality of your data before implementing data analytics or process automation solutions.

Business & Process Automation

Technology constantly changes, but businesses often struggle to keep up. We help businesses identify processes that can be automated or improved, allowing for greater operational efficiency and reducing effort, allowing for growth whilst maintaining staff levels.

We tackle this with a simple approach:

  • Identify systems and processes that add no value to the business' operations and remove these from the operational chain;
  • Automate processes that can be performed without human involvement; and
  • Optimise remaining business processes to make them more efficient.

Project Management

Not all technology projects are created equally, and often the capabilities to implement them effectively are missing inside most businesses. We can help fill in the gaps with your next technology project.

Our team has been involved in project managing system selection, implementation, training, change management and other project management tasks.


It can be hard to find real metrics on firm performance on a regular basis.

We currently run benchmarking programs across Australia and New Zealand, where performance is regularly measured and reported in a consistent manner, allowing for accurate comparisons.

System Selection & Implementation

With changes in technology, firms are seeking ways to improve their practice management systems; in some cases they are seeking a brand new system. Other times, firms are looking for ways to improve the quality and data integrity of their current system.

We have worked with firms to:

  • Audit systems and current processes;
  • Select and implement a new practice management system; and
  • Improve data integrity.

Get in touch with the PT 2.0 team today on info@pt20.com.au