For years we have been using a client portal called “Secure Returns” that allows us to send you documents digitally, rather than waiting for items to be delivered through the postal system.

The reason we originally implemented a client portal was to secure your sensitive data and limit sending this information via email (a largely unsecured platform).  Additionally, the newly introduced National Data Breaches Scheme provisions in the Privacy Act mean that all businesses that have personal information need to ensure data is securely stored and transmitted.  Years before it became mandatory, Power Tynan has been securing your personal information via the use of client portals.

In recent years there has been a further improvement with client portals to be able to offer digital signing.  To enable us to move towards offering you this technology, we have made the move to a new platform called “Virtual Cabinet”.  This software allows documents to be sent back and forth securely, as well as opening up the ability to sign certain documents.

What exactly is a client portal?

A client portal is essentially a website that allows us to securely send and receive documents between yourself and Power Tynan (it features end-to-end encryption between you and Virtual Cabinet Portal).  It removes the need to email documents that need to be viewed and reviewed (and for certain documents, eventually signed).

Why can’t Power Tynan just email me these documents?

Not all email is secure, and not all email servers have end-to-end encryption on the messages.  Additionally we are prohibited by law from being able to send information such as TFN’s via this medium.  On the 22 ndof February changes to the Privacy Act came into effect that increased the responsibilities of securing personal data. 

So what do we need to do to use Virtual Cabinet Portal?

When we send the first document you will be asked to set up an account with Virtual Cabinet.  This is quite easy, will ask you to confirm some details, agree to the software terms and set a password.  Since Virtual Cabinet allows us to introduce digital signing, you will be asked to verify your device (this simply records that the device you are using is allowed to access documents in future).

What devices can I used to access documents?

The good news about Virtual Cabinet is that you can now access and sign documents on iPhones and Android devices as well as in your web browser on your computer.  This new platform is more available and easier to use on the go than ever before.  Simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for Virtual Cabinet Portal and install.

What is digital signing?

Digital signing allows you to sign a document via an app on your mobile or via a web browser.

This is completed, not by scrawling your signature with an electronic pen or your mouse, but with advanced cryptography, linked to your email address, IP address and other system information.

Sounds complicated, but in reality, it’s just a simple click of a button!

So when can we start signing documents via the portal?

Firstly, not all documents can be digitally signed, but for those that can be, we are running a pilot program to ensure all issues are ironed out before release.  We will be in contact when digital signing is available for your documents.