Every year, 1 in 100 Australians are diagnosed with autism. This condition has life-long impacts, and unfortunately there is no cure.

As autism is so common, the AEIOU Foundation was established in 2005, aiming to provide life-changing early intervention for children with autism.

Being a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation has the ongoing challenge of raising up to $10,000 per child per year in order to continue fostering bright futures for this generation of children, while also funding vital research.

To assist with this incredible cause, the Power Tynan Charitable Trust recently donated $1,500 to the AEIOU Bray Park Centre.

The Power Tynan team had the privilege of meeting 4 year old Flynn and his family. Flynn has progressed in leaps and bounds since attending the AEIOU Bray Park Centre this year, particularly in the areas of communication and social interaction.

To find out more about AEIOU, or to support this fantastic charity, please visit http://aeiou.org.au/support-aeiou