Here we are again, another financial year gone and a new one started!

When looking at the year just gone, it has been a world of change and uncertainty – the Brexit vote, election of Donald Trump, governments struggling with diminished certainty and revenue models, tech companies innovating and agitating for change in every sector (not just IT), and the real effect of social media on our lives, politically as well as the security of the world.

I am convinced the only normality of the future is change; we need to be prepared that the new norm is uncertainty and be comfortable with that. This Connected Economy centres around attributes we are not normally attuned to like Authenticity, Leadership, Personal Passion, Transparency, Relationships, and Co-Creation. Compare this to the Industrial Economy, Consistency, Standardisation, Precision, Risk Removal, and Non-Variance. This is a whole new set of skills.

All businesses need to think strategically and ensure you are looking over the horizon for insights to ensure you are not blind-sided by unexpected changes innovation may have on your business model. Strategic thinking is not about doing a budget for next year. It is about gaining insights into your industry and anticipating and preparing for new opportunities. These insights may be confronting but also rewarding by gaining first mover advantage in blue ocean markets. This will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

We at Power Tynan have been spending considerable time on insights and we look forward to sharing some of our thinking in the coming year with how we assist and engage with you to help with these insights.

We are excited to announce we have started our own fully licensed Financial Planning business called Magnify which will operate from our offices. It is managed by Stan Moffatt, an experienced Accountant and Financial Planner of over 25 years.  We also have 9 of our team licensed to assist in matters requiring an AFSL licence.

We have also established a Corporate Advisory business called TAS Consulting Group, situated in Sydney. This business specialises in capital raisings, due diligences, financial information memorandums, and restructures. This will operate under the AFSL license of Alpha Securities, and will be managed by Grant Allsopp, who has over 20 years’ experience in this field.

That's all from me, so until next time please remember to always enjoy what you do and make a difference to someone's life, no matter how small.