Christmas 2014

Christmas will be well and truly upon us by the time you read this edition of Powerline. Christmas is a time for family and friends to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. It is also a good time to reflect upon what we have achieved over the year both from a personal and a business perspective.

In business you can become very isolated and caught up in the moment and never really look down on what has been achieved or what should have been achieved. Business relationships are an important part of this. Yet all relationships are not the same. A relationship built on Trust is one in which both parties contribute. At Power Tynan, we have a Trust formula which we try to live by, for both clients and fellow staff.

Trust = (Knowledge + Reliability + Authenticity)/Self Interest

Knowledge: As professionals, we should have the appropriate skill set to advise, or we should know where to get the appropriate advice.

Reliability: When we say we will do something, we do it and we do it on time. Reliability is important in all dealings.

Authenticity: You have to be yourself as you can’t continually “keep up appearances”.

Self Interest: Everyone needs a degree of this. However, if this is too prominent, the relationship will fail as it will be all about the one individual and not the other party.

When we act at Power Tynan, we try to evaluate our actions to ensure our Trusted Relationship is not compromised.

In these times of change it is so important to have a Trusted Adviser to ensure the decisions made for you are made in your best interests. The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, with all industries being affected by disruptors that challenge how business is being done. To evaluate how these disruptors may affect your business or how you may take advantage of changes in your sector, don’t hesitate to contact your adviser as there is potentially as much upside as there is downside when disruptors appear in your industry.

Please enjoy the extended period off over Christmas and we wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas.

Paul Hilton