Philip Saal (far left) calls out for donations to get him down!

Toowoomba Hospice Chairman Graham Barron (centre) with the event hosts Helen and Andrew Tilly.

Some may remember that our CEO, Paul Hilton, took part in the Toowoomba Hospice “Hang Ya Boss Out to Dry” fundraiser last year and raised more than $3,500 for the Toowoomba Hospice.

This year, Paul decided to move aside and let someone else represent the Power Tynan team. Executive Director Philip Saal stepped up to the plate!

The event involved businesses on the Darling Downs nominating literally to “hang their boss out to dry”. The Boss is placed in a scissor lift and raised to the platform of a fully extended cherry picker. From that lofty height, the Boss has to raise a minimum of $750 before he or she can come back down.

The 2014 event was held on August 15 at Tilly’s Crawler Parts in Toowoomba. The 4GR Big Breaky Crew, Lee and Lizzy, broadcast live from the event, with Wilsonton Lions Club cooking Breakfast Burgers and the Coffee Cruiser providing some much needed warmth on a chilly morning!

Phil raised $1,530 for the Hospice and this event as a whole raised a whopping $90,000, which is a brilliant result for a well-deserving charity!