For many of us, the ability and opportunity to socialise with our friends is a given, and can sometimes be taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are people within our community who struggle to interact with others, going unnoticed about their day to day lives.

For these individuals, Rosie’s Toowoomba provides unconditional acceptance and friendship via their Street Outreach programs, which run three times a week throughout the city.


To assist with this invaluable initiative, the Power Tynan Charitable Trust recently presented Jon Martlew from Rosie’s Toowoomba with a $1,500 cheque.


"Our work is mostly funded by donations such as this from the local community, so we really appreciate the support,” said Jon. “Regardless of the weather, our team are there to provide friendship and encouragement, as well as a cuppa and a bite to eat.”


The funds donated by the Trust will be used to not only operate the Street Outreach programs, but also to provide backpack beds to those in need.


Many of the people we see at our Street Outreaches are homeless or at risk of homelessness, so we also have backpack beds available’ said Jon. “Not only are these easy for the individual to pack up and transport when they are moved along, they are also insulated and fire retardant.”


The Power Tynan Charitable Trust has donated over $130,000 to regional charities since its inception in 2010, and is open to the firm's staff, clients and all members of the public to contribute funds.


Executive Director Amanda Kenafake said staff at the firm vote to determine which charities the Trust will support each quarter.


"Many of our staff have seen the Rosie’s Street Outreach team in action within our community, and feel it is a fantastic cause to support,” she said. “We are also looking forward to volunteering at these Street Outreach programs in the future.”


Rosie’s Toowoomba run their Street Outreach programs three times a week – Wednesdays at Harlaxton Park (5pm – 7pm), Fridays at the corner of Ruthven Street and Chalk Drive (5pm – 7pm) and Sundays at Clewley Park on Water Street (10:30am – 12:30pm). For more information, visit