Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Toowoomba Hospice has gained a funding boost with a new donation from the city's largest integrated financial services firm, Power Tynan.

The firm's Charitable Trust presented a cheque for $3,500 to Hospice Chairman Graham Barron at a brief ceremony last week.

Power Tynan management and staff have been involved in supporting the hospice since it opened in 2003.

Power Tynan's Philip Saal (right) presents the cheque to Toowoomba Hospice Chairman Graham Barron.

"CEO Paul Hilton and his team have been a backbone of support for us," said Mr Barron. "They attend fundraising functions, including our annual race day and trivia night. The firm's Charitable Trust has provided us with a number of donations. Now they have decided to participate in our 'Adopt A Room' program."

Toowoomba Hospice, a community-based private healthcare facility, is the brainchild of Sister Frances Flint, a Brigidine nun who worked with the community in Toowoomba.

Mr Barron said the hospice costs about $1.5 million to operate each year and relies upon community support for nearly half that amount.  

He worked with a team to raise the funds to build the hospice and remains as voluntary Chairman of the Board.

During the ceremony, Power Tynan spokesman Philip Saal said the firm's Charitable Trust had provided more than $100,000 to support community organisations in the Toowoomba area and across the State since it was launched in 2010.

"Funding for our Trust has come almost entirely from our staff," he said. "We have now opened the Trust to our clients and the community to participate. Donors know that every dollar from this Trust goes to community organisations such as the Toowoomba Hospice as well as Lifeline, the Cancer Council, RACQ CareFlight, the Rural Fire Brigade and many more."

Mr Barron said the hospice includes accommodation for six people to "spend their last moments in love and dignity".

It is staffed by two full-time professionals and up to 25 part-time people.

"Most are qualified Registered Nurses or personal care assistants," said Mr Barron.

People wishing to donate to or learn more about the Toowoomba Hospice can contact the hospice on 07 4659 8500 or go to the web site for more information.

Those wishing to donate to or learn more about the Power Tynan Charitable Trust can call the firm on 07 4688 8400 or click HERE go to the Charitable Trust page on the "Community" page of this web site.